At InNature, we value our people and strive to provide a fair and equitable place where all individuals are treated equally. In addition, we make a conscious effort to help our employees grow as people.

Fair Compensation

We remunerate and pay our employees in accordance with the Employment Act 1955. At our Group, we practice a fair and equitable payment and remunerate our employees according to their performance without taking into account gender, religion, race, nationality or age when assessing remuneration and compensation. Our employees are remunerated based on their expertise, experience, and performance. On a year-to-year basis, we aim to reward our employees through salary increments and monetary bonus subject to the performance of our Group and our employees. We are in full compliance of the said act and are strictly against child labour and forced labour.

Employee Well Being

We care for the well-being of our employees and have always strived to make the workplace a home to all employees. Our employees are entitled to maternity and paternity leave, incentive trips, motivational events, product allowances and staff rate for our Group’s products. Employees reaching their retirement age are given opportunities to continue working on a full-time or part-time basis.

We also strive to ensure a strong sense of job satisfaction amongst our employees and provide opportunities for employees to achieve their full potential. We practice open and honest two-way communication between supervisors and employees and value regular conversations about the strengths and weaknesses of each employee. These not only encourage better performances but also inform the employees that their contributions are recognised and appreciated. We also conduct yearly appraisals to help our employees grow and develop in their career as well as to chart their prospects with us. It also allows us to understand the needs and expectations of our employees better to further improve the working conditions of our Group.

Besides their career, we help our employees grow as people and provide them with self-fulfilling opportunities to contribute to society. Guided by our principle of “Business as a Force for Good”, we are constantly working on various campaigns that champion change or positive impact to our environment and community and in particular, female empowerment. Our employees are able to contribute to and participate in our campaigns and that has become a trait of our Group that helps to attract and retain talent. All our employees are paid to perform 16 hours of volunteering work, whether it is through activities organised by our Group or on their own.

Diversity & Inclusion

We celebrate the diversity of people and reject a stereotype of beauty or gender. At our Group, we employ people from all walks of life, disregarding age, gender, religion, race or nationality. We believe that through diversity and inclusion, we are able to combine the strength of people and create a greater impact to our business and society.

Our cause for women empowerment is reflected in our workforce, where 80% of our employees are women, reflected by the composition of our Board.

We employ people from various age groups. We have a strong workforce comprising of young and matured employees, with key senior management leading and providing direction to our Group.

Occupational Health & Safety

We value the health of our employees and place great emphasis on safety in our HQ and stores. This means taking practical steps to ensure that the products, services and operations do not harm or pose an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of any person affected by our activities, including our employees.

Some of the steps we take include providing our employees with training on fire, health and safety. Our safety programme and training focus on the following priorities:

  • Competence – people knowing how to work safely
  • Communication – talking about health and safety
  • Culture – health and safety is everyone’s responsibility
  • Controls- having effective procedures that manage risks and accident reporting

In 2023, we have enhanced our standard operating procedure and processes on work accident reporting, fire evacuation response, andprovided a platform for internal feedback on safety and health. We also shared more information on physical and mental health, as well as sexual harassment to promote the awareness among our employees. We continued to provide employees with all the necessary personal protection equipment (“PPE”) and sanitisers for their protection.

Training & Development

As we place significant importance on the development of our employees, we invest in continuous training and development programmes. All new employees of our retail stores are required to complete a comprehensive training programme followed by on-the-job training to ensure that they are able to provide the best most effective service to our customers. Our employees are also encouraged to attend external training, and seminars to improve their skill set, where applicable and relevant.

In FY2023, our employees completed a series of training programmes totalling 8400 training hours . On average, our employees completed 14 hours of training per year which includes career development courses, seminars, workshops and more.

Achieving 20 hours of paid volunteering is a huge morale and confidence booster for our employees. The experience of donating non-financial assistance is immeasurably rewarding for many who experience it for the first time.

Governance, Ethics & Integrity

We strive to continuously uphold the high level of governance practised by our Group by adopting the best practices of good governance. Please refer to our Corporate Governance Overview Statement and and Statement on Risk Management and Internal Control in our Annual Report for the state of our governance practices and key internal control processes.