2019 - 2020 Candles of Conscience

A long-term community project since 2001 to raise awareness and generate a sustainable source of funds for partner NGOs Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) for domestic violence against women; and Sisters In Islam (SIS) for empowering grassroots women in Islam for change. In 2019-2020 we raised a total of RM34,351.10 for WAO and RM32,419.80 for SIS respectively.
2020 The Body Shop Lends A Hand Donation to Frontliner

2020 was a year like no other when we were hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Our doctors, nurses and healthcare providers worked tirelessly and showed relentless courage and tenacity on the frontlines fighting against the disease. As a gesture of our appreciation, we together with our customers gifted our front liners with 6,800 pieces of The Body Shop hand creams worth over RM160,000 to help nourish their hard-working hands. The hand creams were funded by the proceeds from our “Kick The Bag Habit” campaign.
2020 Come Together, Act Together

During the Movement Control Order (MCO), Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) experienced a spike in inquiries to our telephone and SMS / Whatsapp hotline from individuals seeking help for domestic violence. We channeled funds collected from a portion of our sales during November to December to assist WAO in their work towards ending domestic violence in Malaysia. With every purchase at The Body Shop, RM0.10 will be donated to Women’s Aid Organisation. You can support by making your purchase in-store, online, through our Click & Collect and Call & Collect services or via any of our Facebook Live session. This campaign enabled us to donate a sum of RM17,003.90 to WAO. This fund-raising effort took place from 1st November to 31st December, 2020.
2021 Caring for the Community

We sponsored organisations such as youth-led NGOs Hunger Hurts and Happy Bank Crew during the MCO in September 2021 by donating shower gels and shampoos to be distributed to those in need. We also recently supported the efforts of Development of Human Resources for Rural Areas (DHRRA), who assisted food victims with donations of over 1,000 products in December 2021.
2021 Celebrate Kindness with Selfless Heroes

All through November and December 2021, our aim was to #celebratekindness. We highlighted 3 NGOs working towards bettering the community: Agape House, Yellow House KL and Pit Stop Community Café, with a series of videos and FB and IG Live events. We also contributed to 2 additional unsung selfless heroes as nominated by the Malaysian public. A total of RM40,000 was distributed to these selfless heroes for them to continue their work in helping those in need.
2022 Gifting During Ramadan

In June 2022, we gifted 70 single mothers from B40 communities through Women’s Aid Organisation, Suri Lifestyle and Komuniti Tukang Jahit with products-in-kind worth over RM6,000.
2022 Awareness campaign against Animal Cruelty

As a brand that strongly advocates against animal cruelty, we supported Taylor’s Animal Welfare Society under Taylor’s University in their campaign to raise awareness against animal cruelty last April 2022. We contributed products-in-kind worth RM17,494.
2022 Caring for the Environment

In conjunction with Earth Day 2022, we organized a free plant giveaway in support of Free Tree Society. 300 plants were adopted during this plant giveaway campaign held at Sunway Pyramid. In October 2022, we distributed 1000 plants to be adopted by the public in support of Free Tree Society. A total of RM6,500 worth in donations was contributed to Free Tree Society for these campaigns.
2023 Youth Parliamentary Debathon

As Changemaker Partner for this event, we provided funds of RM250,000 to support this event which primarily focused on providing young individuals a platform to voice their views, perspectives, and recommendations regarding current issues such as parental leave policies, climate change and political education in schools.

We believe in shared prosperity. This is why enriching and empowering the community by improving livelihoods, bringing change and positive impact and enhancing lives is an intrinsic aspect of our DNA. As a feminist brand, we actively focus on causes relating to women empowerment. Some campaigns and work that we have done for the community are detailed below.

Women Empowerment

As an activist feminist brand, The Body Shop has supported and campaigned with our NGO partner, Women's Aid Organisation (“WAO”) through the years to highlight the issue of domestic violence. With the rise in domestic violence during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, we printed WAO's Hotline number on 35,000 of The Body Shop paper bags which was distributed to ensure that more people had access to the helpline. We have also uploaded a series of one-minute videos on our social media platforms that featured WAO and key opinion leaders sharing information, giving advice on getting the proper help and support.

The Body Shop’s social media went “Orange” on 25 November 2020 to show solidarity towards survivors of abuse. In December 2020, we collaborated with World of Buzz and WAO to produce a social experiment video asking Malaysians how much they understood about Domestic Violence. Both engagements recorded more than half a million impressions and reach.

Our Christmas activism “Come Together, Act Together” campaign saw a total of RM17,004 raised in November and December 2020 for WAO in support of their works in ending domestic violence in Malaysia. Similarly, a total of RM4,541 (VND26,097,108) was raised from Vietnam in November and December 2020 to support the Peace House project by UN Women.

In August 2023, The Body Shop launched a women empowerment campaign to empower women to break stereotypes through the “Wear What You Want” campaign in conjunction with Merdeka Day. The campaign was supported by Women’s Aid Organisation and Sisters in Islam featuring women from all walks of life speaking up confidently against discrimination they receive for the attire. Over 35,000 views gained from the campaign video.

Girl Empowerment

Since 2020, we have collaborated with an NGO 'SPOT', a comprehensive sexuality education provider to conduct educational workshops on sexual and reproductive health for teenagers. In 2023, SPOT Workshop reached 6,996 students from 28 schools in Kedah, Penang, Kuantan, Kelantan and Johor. This was in addition to 3,752 students from 16 schools in Klang Valley and Selangor, in 2022. The program’s goal was to educate, empower and enable young women and girls by providing relevant information fundamental towards producing informed individuals through age-appropriate and culturally sensitive approaches.

Youth Empowerment

In 2021, we collaborated with Undi18 to petition the government for the timely implementation of lowering the voting age from 21 to 18, as passed by the Malaysian Parliament in July 2019 to amend Article 119(1)(a) of the Federal Constitution. Over 10,000 signatures were collected and handed over to the Prime Minister’s office in November 2021. In December 2021, the Election Commission finally announced that the implementation of lowering the voting age to 18. This meant that more than 1.4 million youths under 21 years old had the opportunity to vote for the first time during the 15th General Election ("GE15”) in Malaysia.

In 2022, we continued the momentum to allow youth voices to be heard through the launch of our Be Seen Be Heard campaign in Malaysia, officiated by the Minister of Youth and Sports. We worked with Impact Malaysia on youth voter education campaigns reaching 377 youths through 6 Kata Dua youth camps held across Malaysia. Educational webinars on various issues from climate change to gender equality were also held, reaching over 45,000 views.

Finally, in the run-up to the General Election in October 2022, we heightened the awareness to encourage youths to practice their right to vote. Through our #YouthUNDI campaign, we engaged with over 300,000 youths and rewarded over 4,000 voters under 21 for exercising their right to vote at GE15.

In 2023, we supported the Youth Parliamentary Debathon which provided young individuals a platform to voice their views and recommendations on various current issues, from parental leave policies to political education in Malaysia. This series of debathons received 1.6 million views, 33650 engagements and 5 million reach on social media.

In Vietnam, we organised a talk show called “This is Me” in FPT University, Vietnam, as part of the initiative for our Be Seen Be Heard campaign. The talk show attracted more than 400 participants and reached out to more than 430,000 people through social media and newspapers.