We believe in shared prosperity. This is why enriching and empowering the community by improving livelihoods, bringing change and positive impact and enhancing lives is an intrinsic aspect of our DNA. As a feminist brand, we actively focus on causes relating to women empowerment. Some campaigns and work that we have done for the community are detailed below.

International Day of The Girl

We continued our advocacy for female empowerment with our #dreamBig campaign. We celebrated the International Day of the Girl on 12 October 2019 where a representation of more than 25 girls from diverse backgrounds presented their dreams to the Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development. Their dreams ranged from becoming an author, a counsellor, a policewoman, to providing free healthcare to those in need, and using music and art to connect people. This event was jointly organised by The Body Shop Malaysia and Women’s Aid Organization.

International Street Day

In recognition of International Street Children’s Day on 12 April, we distributed care kits to children and their families at Chow Kit. The kits included various items such as shower gels, combs, toothbrushes and toothpastes. We worked with Feeding The Needy on this initiative.

The Body Shop Lends A Hand Donation to Frontliners

2020 was a year like no other when we were hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Our doctors, nurses and healthcare providers worked tirelessly and showed relentless courage and tenacity on the frontlines fighting against the disease. As a gesture of our appreciation, we together with our customers gifted our front liners with 6,800 pieces of The Body Shop hand creams to help nourish their hard-working hands. The hand creams were funded by the proceeds from our “Kick The Bag Habit” campaign, as detailed above.

Come Together Act Together - Ending Domestic Violence Campaign

The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 led to a spike in domestic violence. Since the start of the pandemic, many women and children have been isolated at home with abusive partners or family members. Therefore we felt that it was important for us as an activist feminist brand to highlight this rise in domestic violence and to support our NGO partner, Women's Aid Organisation (“WAO”).

In August 2020, we started by printing WAO's Hotline number on our The Body Shop paper bags which helped ensure that more people had access to the helpline and could share the information. We printed and distributed 35,000 of these recycled paper bags.

To raise further awareness on domestic violence, we had WAO and key opinion leaders share information, give advice on getting the proper help and support available via a series of one-minute videos which we blasted on our social media platforms.

In support of the global campaign to go “Orange” on International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, The Body Shop’s social media also went orange on 25 November 2020 and gained support from followers and NGOs who also went “Orange” on the day to show solidarity towards survivors of abuse. This act received 83,683 reach, 96,864 impressions and 1,399 engagement on social media.

In December 2020, we collaborated with World of Buzz and WAO to produce a social experiment video asking six Malaysians from different age group, race and gender how much they understood about Domestic Violence in Malaysia. This video reached 651,395 people, made 447,089 impressions and had 233,003 views.

Our Christmas activism “Come Together, Act Together” campaign saw a total of RM17,004 raised in November and December 2020 for WAO in support of their works in ending domestic violence in Malaysia. Similarly, a total of RM4,541 (VND26,097,108) was raised from Vietnam in November and December 2020 to support the Peace House project by UN Women.

Blood Donation

In August 2020, in the spirit of “..tanah tumpahnya darah ku..”, staff of InNature gathered and donated their blood to the National Blood Centre.

World Children’s Day Talk

In November 2020, we collaborated with an NGO 'SPOT', a comprehensive sexuality education provider on a "Puberty for Dignity” virtual event which comprised of talks by various speakers including our CEO, Molly Fong on 'Self Love & Self Care’. There was a total of over 500 attendees for this online event. The program’s goal was to educate, empower and enable young women and girls by providing relevant information fundamental towards producing informed individuals through age-appropriate and culturally sensitive approaches.

Volunteering Day to Inspire Knowledge

The Natura team along with volunteers spent a day at Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Judah, a local primary school located in the outskirts of Pulau Carey catered for indigenous children. The team spruced up the school’s library, giving it a more vibrant and cheerful environment - an important source of inspiration and knowledge for the students. The main highlight of this makeover is the beautiful mural that reflected Malaysia’s endangered wildlife species, including the Malayan Tiger.